Cosmetic or Esthetic Dentistry

Veneers are a thin covering over the facial surface of the front teeth. The veneers can either be placed as a short term treatment using white composite plastic materials, or more permanently using fused porcelains.

Whitening is also known as bleaching a patient’s teeth. The teeth are made whiter and more attractive by fabricating a custom fitted plastic tray to fit over the teeth, and using a chemically formulated compound which lightens the color of your teeth.

White fillings are made of very hard composite resin material and take the place of the older silver amalgam fillings. They provide strength and beauty to the teeth which require repair.

Orthodontics is the straightening of crooked or poorly aligned teeth. The treatment helps improve function and appearance for the patient.

Restorative Dentistry

Crowns are made of porcelain or gold or a combination of the two materials. They are used for teeth that are severely decayed or broken, have been cracked, or are in need of complete coverage for esthetic purposes.

Bridges are a method of replacing missing teeth in a situation where ‘anchor’ teeth exist on each side of the missing tooth or teeth. The bridge is prepared as a cast or fused replacement and is cemented into place so that it is permanent.

Implants are an exciting new area of dentistry in which metal retainers are placed in the jawbone, and new crowns are made to replace missing teeth. Implants are also used to stabilize dentures.

Root Canals are a treatment for broken or abscessed teeth where the nerve of the tooth has become exposed or infected.

Dentures are a replacement system for the patient who has lost all or most of their teeth. They provide esthetics and function for the patient.

Sports Dentistry

Mouthguards are a protective plastic covering for the athletic patient. The covering insulates the teeth from sudden impact and is a necessary piece of equipment in all contact sports.


Halatosis is the bad breath associated with gum disease and the need for a cleaning or further treatment.

Gingivitis is the swelling, redness, and inflammation and bleeding of the gums. It is also a sign that the patient is in need of examination.

Periodontitis is a more advanced form of gingivitis in which the bone structure which supports the teeth has become involved.

Recall, Prevention, and Diet – The underpinnings of good oral health. It is the phase in which patient gains greater control of his oral health by scheduled visits to the dentist.

Routine Care

Cleanings – A service generally scheduled three to six months apart and usually performed by the dental hygienist. Cleanings are a necessary and important component of keeping your mouth healthy.

Examinations – A complete view of the patients mouth and teeth performed by the dentist, including a professional evaluation for the presence of diseases or abnormalities of the mouth.

X Rays – Taken every six months to one year, this allows a professional and more complete evaluation of the teeth and bone.

Sealants – For children and young adults, these plastic coatings of the chewing surfaces of the teeth prevent the formation of decay. In many cases, use of sealants throughout the patient’s young life may eliminate many more expensive visits in the future.